2022 Gubernatorial Field Takes Shape

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Gov. Ned Lamont wants another four years in office and on Monday he filed the paperwork to run for re-election, but the Republican Party is ready to mount a challenge. 

“Get this state moving again, get people confident in the state believing this is a place they want to be,” Lamont said, explaining why he wants to get reelected. 

Lamont’s announcement was done with little fanfare. 

“I love the job. I think we’re making a difference and I just didn’t want to get tied down in the politics of it for the next six months so I kept it a little ambiguous,” he said. 

It’s not surprising Lamont is running for reelection. 

“But I think that’s just an indication of him reading the tea leaves from last Tuesday," Republican Party Chairman Ben Proto said, referring to several Democratic losses in the state.

Proto said he could have waited. 

“It’s no surprise that Governor Lamont is running for reelection, somewhat a surprise he did it as soon as he did,” Proto said. 

What are the issues? 

“They’re going to be issues related to parental rights, they’re going to be issues related to education, they’re going to be issues related to local control who gets to make decisions in our towns,” Proto said. 

Former Republican Leader Themis Klarides has filed paperwork to explore a run for governor. Bob Stefanowski, the Madison businessman and Republican who ran against Lamont in 2018 is also expected to consider a bid. 

“You got Lamont, who gets very high marks for handling the pandemic,” Sacred Heart Political Science Professor Gary Rose said. 

Rose said the issues will be the economy and crime. 

“The pandemic might be in the rearview mirror for some voters and they may be thinking more about bread and butter wallet issues and then their own safety in their own communities,“ Rose said.

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