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West Haven High Schooler Raises Funds for Typhoon Victims



    His parents were born in the Philippines. (Published Thursday, Nov. 14, 2013)

    A West Haven High School student is taking matters into his own hands to help people in the Philippines after hundreds of thousands were left without homes following typhoon Haiyan

    The United Nations reports the death toll, from the monster typhoon is up to more than 4,400.

    For West Haven High School student Geordann Daguplo, the devastation is personal.

     “A huge part of me wants to work as hard as I can to give effort and support,” said the high school senior.

    Daguplo’s parents were born in the Philippines and he still has family in the island nation.  So far, he thinks they are all alive.  But, he knows the need extends far beyond his relatives. 

    He mobilized his school - from students to teachers to staff - to give clothes, food, and most importantly money to those who now have nothing. 

    “Right now, we're just trying to raise as much money as we can to give them relief,” Daguplo explained. 

    Scott Shand, Assistant Principal of West Haven High School said the students are really taking stock in what Daguplo is saying and what he is doing.

    Next year, Daguplo hopes to head off to college, possible UCONN or the University of New Haven.  After that, he hopes to be a musician or music executive.  But, right now, his focus is not on himself, but on the suffering thousands of miles away.

    “I think it's so much worse than you can even imagine,” he fears.

    Donations collected from each classroom will go to the Philippine American Association of Connecticut, which will send it overseas. 

    Daguplo’s goal is to hit tens of thousands of dollars in donations.  But the results can't just be measured in money and things alone. 

    "High school is not about bell to bell.  It's really being part of your high school community," said Shand.