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Metro-North Set to Undergo Massive Inspections



    Over the next 2 months the federal government will keeping a close eye on Metro North after the deadly train derailment in the Bronx. They are calling this Operation Deep Dive. (Published Thursday, Dec. 12, 2013)

    For the next two months the federal government will be keeping a very close eye on Metro-North after the deadly train derailment in the Bronx nearly two weeks ago.

    On Monday they'll launch "Operation Deep Dive," a 60 day investigation of Metro North. It's unclear how many people will be on this safety team but it's clear they'll be looking at everything from track maintenance and repair practices to how long long an operator can drive a train.

    "It's just nerve-wracking to know that it has happened," said Anthony Brunner who says Metro North is the best way for him to get to school and work. "So I'm glad to hear that they're investigating into it whether it's freak incidents or if it's an actual problem with this system."

    It's a system that will be under a heavy microscope by the Federal Railroad Administration in the next 60 days with this new operation.

    "They're going to not just be looking at safety, they're going to be looking at compliance for every federal regulation that governs the railroads," said John Harwell from the Connecticut Commuter Rail Council, adding that Metro-North is in dire need of a thorough examination.

    "We need to make sure that Metro North is in fact living up to all the things they've talked about over the years. They've had a good safety record until 6 months ago."

    The Department of Transportation says this will be a comprehensive safety assessment of the railroad, which has had a series of setbacks in the past six months.

    The MTA has said that they've already been "engaged in a deep and searching review of safety concerns since the Bridgeport derailment in May."

    The incident in Bridgeport goes along with one in May when a track worker was struck and killed by a train at the West Haven Metro-North station that was under construction at the time.

    The derailment in the Bronx in early December killed four and injured dozens more.

    "I think they need to do a lot of looking into what the infrastructure is like for the trains," said Robert Foley of Bridgeport.

    "It's very reassuring to know that someone is actually looking into it; that there's someone out there who will look into it," Brunner added.

    Whatever investigators uncover the Rail Council is hopeful it'll lead to the safest ride possible for all Metro-North riders.