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Woman Gives Birth Along Hartford Street



    A Bloomfield couple have their baby on the side of the road in Hartford with help from Hartford AMR and Fire Department. (Published Friday, Feb. 14, 2014)

    It's an extra special Valentine's Day for a Bloomfield couple. They're celebrating the birth of their baby, but the delivery was anything but ordinary.
    At eight pounds three ounces baby boy Emmanuel gave his parents quite the scare.

      Early this morning Blessing and Ubong Inyang drove to the hospital expecting a standard delivery, but only made it to Asylum Avenue.
    "I can feel my body just pushing," said Blessing. "I said, 'We're not going to make it to Hartford Hospital. Pull over. Call 911!'"
    Parking on the side of the road, Ubong called 911 and a dispatcher attempted to walk him through the delivery.
    "She was telling me what to do," said Ubong. "She said, 'Is the baby's head coming out?' I said, 'I can see the baby's head coming out.' I said, 'What do I do? I've never done this before.'"
    "It was very, very scary," said Blessing.
    The baby crowned before the AMR Ambulance Crew and Hartford Fire even arrived, but must have decided to wait for the professionals.
    "My wife was trying to push, and I was waiting for my son to come out, try to hold the head, and the baby went in again," said Ubong. "I said, 'Come out. It's me, daddy.'"
    "Mother and father did an excellent job staying calm and dealing with a very difficult situation," said Hartford Fire Captain Peter Towey.
    Towey arrived shortly after AMR and assisted with the delivery, leaving Ubong and Blessing with a healthy and beautiful baby boy born on Valentine's Day on Asylum Avenue.
    "It's going to be memorable because it's Valentine's Day, and it's the best gift we could ever ask for," said Blessing.
    Ubong learned so much from this delivery that he says next time he's prepared to handle it all on his own if he has to.