Boom, Boom, Pow! A Boombox Parade

Boom, Boom, Boom Boom I want you in -- Windham for the 24th annual WILI “Boombox Parade!”

Yes, all you Ipod aficionados, boom boxes still do exist, and there's a parade of them.

The concept for the parade began in 1986 when no one could find a marching band for Windham’s Memorial Day Parade. As a result, WILI started to play marching band tunes on the air while thousands of marchers walk and play their radios out loud.

The 7/10 of a mile parade to Memorial Park will begin in Willimantic’s Jillson Square and will start at 11 a.m on July 4.

There are a few requirements before you get your march on. You must wear read, white or blue and, if your feeling particularly patriotic this holiday weekend, American flags are encouraged.

Don’t forget to bring your radio, that’s the point!

WILI’s morning man, Grand Marshal Wayne Norman will lead the parade in what is sure to be very entertaining. In past years, he has dressed the “King of Willimantic,” celebrated WILI’s 50th anniversary with '50s fashion and has driven everything from a kayak to a motorcycle.

Past parade marchers have crafted a "baby boomers unit" consisting of parents pushing their babies in strollers so let your creativity shine brighter than the fireworks in the sky.

So get your boom on this fourth, and Walk-Man!  

Take a walk back in time to music of the '80s, when people actually used boomboxes.

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