$25,000 Painting Stolen from Suffield Home Is Recovered

A $25,000 oil painting stolen from a Suffield home has been recovered, according to police, and the owner has decided not to pursue criminal charges.

The painting, which is signed by the artist, was the only thing stolen from the home during the burglary on Saturday, May 21, according to police.

The 1910 Henry Farny painting "Evening" depicts a teepee by the water and the worth is estimated at $25,000 but what gives it true value for the current owner is that his wife, who recently passed away, adored it.

"The painting was always special in my wife's mind, so the specialness of the painting comes in my wife's memory," the owner of the painting said after he realized it was stolen.

The owner, who did not want his name revealed, spoke to NBC Connecticut on the phone and said the oil painting has been in his wife's family for generations. They knew the artist before he became well-known.

Farny was born in France in 1847, moved to the United States at a young age, became captivated by Native Americans and captured their lives in paint.

The artwork is meant to go to the owner's daughter.

"I walked up to my bedroom and looked at the wall and said, 'It's missing,'" the owner said soon after reporting it stolen.

"The big concern is to get it back before it starts swapping hands," Suffield Police Detective Justin Fuller said last month.

The owner registered the piece with The Art Loss to prevent it from being sold.

Authorities said the homeowner was in the process of moving and it appears the home had been left unlocked.

"I didn't protect myself. I didn't think about the consequences. The house is open. People walk in and out. You know, I was way too trusting," the owner said.

The artwork was found on Thursday and police said the case is now closed.

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