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Fairfield Crash Victim Speaks about Ordeal



    For the first time we are hearing from a woman who was in the middle of a terrifying crash in Fairfield. Kayla Valez, was in the car with her 18-month-old when a car came speeding off an exit and hit them. (Published Thursday, March 27, 2014)

    A woman caught in the middle of a crash caught on camera in Fairfield talks about her frightening ordeal.

    Kayla Velez was in her car with her 18-month-old child when a car came flying off an exit from I-95 in Fairfield and hit them.

    "I just felt darkness come and then a big boom and I jerked forward," Velez said, not realizing what had hit her car at the time but now she remembers. "Then I saw a car flip over my car and land on the other side and it started to catch on fire. My first reaction was to turn around and check on the baby."

    Her daughter Brooklyn was in the back seat.

    "She was just staring at me so like I panicked," Velez said. "I thought she died."

    Police said Kayla's car was one of six involved in Monday's horrific wreck.

    Investigators said 30-year-old Rosa Medina was driving drunk with a suspended license and never stopped as she came off exit 24. In all four people were hurt in the crash.

    "In the video you can see another car pulling out about to park," said Velez. "If that car didn't pull out when it did that lady would've hit me dead on."

    "I didn't hear any skid marks. I didn't hear anybody breaking," said Freddy Gonzalez, boyfriend of Kayla, who had gone into the Cumberland Farms to play lottery leaving his girlfriend and daughter in the car.

    "I heard like a loud bang and I remember everything shaking," said Gonzalez who ran out to check on them before darting over to help the driver behind the mess.

    "I know the lady might have caused the accident and what not but she was in a place where she needed help. The car was on fire. Everybody was going crazy."

    NBC Connecticut cameras captured Brooklyn walking with her mom in a less crazy setting Thursday. Kayla says she can only think what if.

    "It could’ve cost me my life, my own daughter’s life. It just wasn’t worth it," Velez added.

    Gonzalez knows no million dollar ticket could replace the jackpot he landed that night.

    "We hit the lottery that night and we did because my daughter walked out with not even a scratch on her," Gonzalez.

    As for Kayla's injuries she says she has some minor bruises on her side. At last check Medina is still in the hospital. Four others injured in this crash are looking to file a lawsuit.