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Riders Meet With Metro North Top Brass



    The railroads new president met face to face with commuters to hear their concerns. (Published Thursday, April 10, 2014)

    People who ride the rails are still sounding off about problems on Metro- North. The railroad's new president met face to face with commuters Thursday evening to hear their concerns.

    Metro-North President Joseph Giuliett acknowledged the trains haven't been reliable and that's resulted in inconsistent and longer commutes. The railroad says it's trying to remedy that as commuters got a chance to speak their minds.

    "It's important that they work accurately and don't crash," said Lorraine Snead who rides the trains daily from Stamford to Manhattan. "For the most part we have great service here in Connecticut."

    It's service though that's come under fire by many riders especially safety wise after incidents like the one last December when a train derailed in the Bronx and killed four people.

    Commuters voiced their opinions--good and bad--to Giulietti.

    "I've been doing it for 15 years in Florida. This is how I believe you do communicate," Giulietti said.
    Safety was the number one thing commuters communicated to him to him. On time performance was another.

    Maureen Hanson commutes from Stratford to Greenwich daily.

    "There's not many trains that connect around the same time that I get into Stamford so I end up having to wait for 20 minutes," said Hanson.

    She said talking to railroad officials makes her feel better "only if they make the change."

    The railroad says it's rolling out changes to its scheduling. Officials say their new system will know exactly where trains are and if they're early, late or on time.

    "Safety obviously is something you always worry about," said Chris Tyler, who's been riding these rails from Stratford to Stamford since 2000. He also wants "more information about when trains are coming."

    Monitors with real time information are in the works for Connecticut but it could be a while. There are three more of these sessions in the weeks to come. One will be in Grand Central Terminal; the other two at stations in Westchester.