27,000 Unemployment Benefit Recipients Received Someone Else's Tax Info: State

The state Department of Labor is asking residents who received unemployment compensation payments in 2013 to check their tax forms because 27,000 forms mailed out contain another person’s information, including Social Security numbers.

The state sent out a news release on Friday afternoon saying the Labor Department has to report unemployment compensation payments of $10 or more on form UC-1099G and there are errors on 27,000 of the 250,000 tax forms mailed out to people who collected unemployment compensation in 2013.

According to the Department of Labor, there was a data entry error and the forms contain the correct information on the top portion of the form, but the bottom half of the document contains information pertinent to another individual.

Because the forms are printed in order of zip code, the agency is in the process of determining which towns are associated with the printing error so staff can better identify people potentially affected by the error. 

Annelise Busey of Middletown received one such form today. Her information was printed on the top half of the form and a stranger's was listed on the bottom.

"I was absolutely horrified," Busey said. "First I was kind of confused. ... Why do I have this information? I couldn't understand, and the more I thought about, the more I started to freak out."

Since the forms contain social security numbers, the Department of Labor will contact claimants that received incorrect forms to offer credit protection.

The Department is re-printing the forms and will mail them out again. 

The new mailing will contain the corrected 1099-G and an addressed, pre-paid envelope so the incorrect form can be mailed back to the Connecticut Department of Labor.

“We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause people who are in the process of filing their tax returns and we want to make sure individuals are aware of a possible error,” said Labor Commissioner Sharon M. Palmer.  “Individuals receiving a 1099-G for unemployment compensation benefits are asked to check their forms for accuracy.  Although the Department will be mailing corrected forms out by the end of the month, claimants needing their corrected form immediately can download a correct 1099-G by going to the Department of Labor website, www.ct.gov/dol and clicking on the blue button on the upper right hand corner labeled Unemployment Tax Form-1099G.”

Busey said she's concerned about the consequences of the privacy breach.

"I have her information. Does she have my information? Or who has my information?" That's my social, my name, my address," Busey said. "It's easy enough to steal my identity."

She said no one has answered her phone calls to the Department of Labor.

Another victim of the mix-up, Earl Switzer of Marlborough, echoed Busey's concerns.

"What in the world is going on?" he said. "Why is this here and where's mine? ... I don't see how this can be a printing error. It says Copy B and Copy C, and one copy is for you, and one copy is to send off to the state. So how can that be a printing error? That's programming. Someone didn't do the job."

Switzer said his wife called the state looking for answers and wasn't satisfied with the response.

"It doesn't make me feel as if my information is safe with the state or whoever has this half of my form that's missing," he said.

Claimants who need a corrected form immediately can download a copy of the UC-1099G online.

The Department of Labor can be reached at 860-263-6000.

What to do if you're affected: 

Return the incorrect form in a pre-paid envelope that is being mailed to you. If you do not wish to wait for the pre-paid envelope and would like to return the 1099G form immediately, mail the form to:
Department of Labor, Attn: Assistance Center
200 Folly Brook Blvd, Wethersfield, CT 06109
The state will be sending a notice offering credit protection.
If you shredded or discarded the incorrect 1099G form, you do not need to take any further action, but take advantage of the credit protection.
If you have more questions, e-mail dol.ui-help@ct.gov, call the 1099G Help Desk at (860) 263-6099 or call your tele-benefits phone number and press option #7.

List of affected Zip codes:

  • Ansonia 06401
  • Beacon Falls 06403
  • Botsford 06404
  • Branford 06405
  • Centerbrook 06409
  • Cheshire 06408
  • 06410 Uncasville 06382
  • 06411 Versailles 06386
  • Chester 06412
  • Clinton 06413
  • Cobalt 06414 06386
  • Colchester 06415
  • Cromwell 06416
  • Deep River 06417
  • Derby 06418
  • Durham 06422
  • East Haddam 06423
  • East Hampton 06424
  • Essex 06426
  • Guilford 06437
  • Haddam 06438
  • Hadlyme 06439
  • Hawleyville 06440
  • Higganum 06441
  • Ivoryton 06442
  • Killingworth 06419
  • Madison 06443
  • Marion 06444
  • Marlborough 06447
  • Meriden 06450
  • 06451
  • 06454
  • Middlefield 06455
  • Middle Haddam 06456
  • Middletown 06457
  • Norwich 06360
  • Oakdale 06370
  • Old Lyme 06371
  • Old Mystic 06372
  • Oneco 06373
  • Pawcatuck 06379
  • Plainfield 06374
  • Preston 06365
  • Salem 06420
  • Quaker Hill 06375
  • South Lyme 06376
  • Sterling 06377
  • Stonington 06378
  • Taftville 06380
  • Voluntown 06384
  • Waterford 06385
  • Wauregan 06387
  • West Mystic 06388
  • Yantic 06389
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