3 Arrested After Crash, Fight Involving Stolen Vehicle in Waterbury

Three people were arrested after two crashes involving a stolen car and a fight that was captured on video in Waterbury. 

Police said a stolen BMW was involved in a crash with another sedan on North Main Street near Jonathan Reed School Friday morning. 

According to Acting Chief Fernando Spagnolo video circulating on social media shows two other cars box the BMW in. Two men then ran out and went after the two teenagers in the BMW. One of the men took the passenger of the from the car and hit him, while the second man pinned the driver to the ground and repeatedly hit the teen’s face.

Spagnolo said the occupants of the BMW were both 15.

Police arrived to break up the incident, but the video shows that as an officer knelt down to address the teen driver one suspect kicked the teen near the head. The officer can be heard ordering the suspect to lie on the ground as he separates the two.

The suspect was identified as 29-year-old Angel Vasquez Jr. He was charged with breach of peace.

The two teenagers were also arrested but were not identified due to their age.

Investigators said before that incident, the BMW was involved in another crash at the intersection of North Main and Bellevue streets.

The investigation is ongoing.

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