3 Suspected of Shooting Pellets at Houses Arrested

Police arrested two men and a boy accused of shooting pellets at houses and signs in South Windsor early Monday morning.

Police responded to Chapel Road in the area of Pleasant Valley Road around 1 a.m. after receiving a report of something suspicious going on.

While heading to the scene, an officer made note of the license plate of a vehicle leaving the area, then met with the homeowner and learned that someone had fired a pellet gun at a nearby home and the house had small dents in the siding.

Officers then responded to the house connected to the car police earlier saw and met with Christopher Porter, 22, of East Hartford, who admitted that he and a 17-year-old boy had been driving around, shooting pellets at street signs and homes, police said.

Police arrested Porter and Malik McCalop, 18, of East Hartford, and charged them with risk of injury to a minor and criminal mischief in the third degree for allegedly involving a boy.

Porter and McCalop were later released on $2,000 non-surety bond and are scheduled to appear at Manchester Superior Court on Oct. 15.

The boy was issued a summons to Juvenile Court at Rockville.

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