3 Women Arrested in Connection With ‘Brutal' Hartford Attack

Three Hartford women face kidnapping and assault charges after cell phone video surfaced of what police call a brutal attack on Rowe Avenue last August.

According to court documents, the cell phone was found during a search and seizure warrant for an unrelated ATF investigation. The video was passed to Hartford police in March 2018. Paperwork says that the video showed three women attacking another woman. The victim was "being dragged by her hair several times, punched and kicked repeatedly in the face, her cloths [sic] ripped off her body, and she is left lying naked in the middle of the road." Police say onlookers cheered and encouraged the suspects while recording the attack.

Hartford Police reportedly identified one of the suspects as 30-year-old Ada Marrero of Hartford, who was known "from a separate unrelated investigation, in which Marrero was arrested for a firearm."

Authorities say they also recognized the victim and that they were able to locate the victim through her probation officer.

Paperwork reveals that when investigators reached out to the victim, she confirmed that "she was assaulted, robbed, and abducted on August 13, 2017" and named two suspects in the attack which included Marrero and 33-year-old Waleska Bones.

The victim says that the three suspects approached her while she was on James Street and "assaulted, robbed, and forced her to 103 Rowe Avenue. She reported all three females would not let her go unless she got money to pay [Marrero]. She had her eyes swollen shut, bruising all over her body, and clumps of hair missing from her head."

The victim told police she did not tell anyone about the incident because she feared for her safety.

Court documents say the victim correctly pointed out the two suspects she named in a lineup of photographs.

Investigators say they interviewed Bones and that the suspect admitted to taking the victim's clothes off and participating in the assault.

Police say they tracked down the third suspect, 38-year-old Jacqueline Davila.

Marrero, Bones, and Davila were arrested and charged with second-degree kidnapping, second-degree assault and cruelty to persons.

Investigators believe the crime was drug-related.

The three women were each issued a $250,000 bond.

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