30 Dogs, Puppies and a Cat Seized from Bridgeport Home

Animal control officers seized 30 animals, including dogs, puppies and a cat, from a Bridgeport home Tuesday afternoon after finding them in “extremely poor condition” and the animals are being treated at a local emergency veterinary hospital. 

City officials said police officers and Bridgeport Animal Control responded to a home on Kent Street around noon yesterday and seized 28 small mixed-breed dogs, two week-old puppies and one cat from the home. 

The animals appeared to be suffering from a variety of conditions, including muscle wasting, mange and flea infestations, according to city officials. 

The dogs, puppies and cat are not yet available for adoption because they need to be cleared. The animals are being treated and animal control officers hope they will recover fully. 

Animal Rescue organizations that want to help house the animals and assist while they are recovering are encouraged to call animal control at 203-576- 7727. 

Police said they arrested one resident on an unrelated charge. 

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