300th Time's a Charm!

For the 300th time, Trevor Davis of Orange rolled up his sleeve and prepared to give blood at the American Red Cross.

"I started back in '53 donating with a company that had in plant visits and they included any multiple and first time donors. I was a first time donor then and got hooked," said Davis.
Since then, the 83-year-old has donated five or six times a year for the past 57 years. He now holds the record for most whole blood donations with the American Red Cross.
"I became enthralled with the program, and when I realized that each pint might help up to three people, I thought, that's pretty darn good," said Davis.
"If you multiply Mr. Davis' donations by three, that's how many people he's helped over his lifetime," said Brenda Wagner, with the American Red Cross.
That's 900 people in nearly six decades! To celebrate, the Red Cross honored Davis with a cake and thanked him for his dedication. The Red Cross needs 650 units a day to serve Connecticut's hospitals.
"That means we need a lot of people out every day," said Wagner.
People like Trevor Davis, who comes to donate for one reason.
"Knowing that I might have helped in some small way for someone who wasn't as lucky as I, health wise," said Davis.
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