4 Arrested After Opposing Groups of Protesters Clash on New Haven Green

Four people were arrested during demonstrations in New Haven Saturday, according to New Haven police.

According to New Haven Police Officer David Hartman, a group called the Proud Boys, which describes itself on social media as a Western Chauvinist group, made plans to demonstrate on the New Haven green Saturday. Counter-protesters, who called the Proud Boys a white nationalist and alt-right coalition, caught wind of the demonstration through social media and also attended.

"Counterprotesters plan to ensure this coalition understands that New Haven was the wrong place to put on this rally," wrote activist Natalie Alexander in an email.

About three dozen counter-protesters attended and there were several skirmishes between the two groups, Hartman said.

Four people were charged with disorderly conduct – two were taken into custody. One was sent to the hospital for treatment of eye irritation after being hit by either pepper spray or smoke from a mini-smoke bomb, Hartmand said.

Police said the Proud Boys group left the area and agreed not to return. Hartman said they were not violent during their demonstrations, but they did not have a valid protest permit.

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