4 Stamford Cops Arrested, Accused of Manipulating Extra Duty Assignments

Four former Stamford police officers who were working in the department's Central Hiring Office have been arrested and are accused of violating multiple department rules and regulations including manipulating extra duty assignments.

Authorities said they arrested and charged former Stamford police officers Mark Ligi, David Sileo and Paul Pavia and former police sergeant Chris Broems.

All four are facing charges including larceny and conspiracy to commit larceny for what officials said was a result of their actions while working in the department's Central Hiring Office.

According to police, the department launched an internal investigation of the Central Hiring Office, which manages hiring off-duty police officers to work extra duty jobs, on March 18 after finding indications of possible irregularities in the office.

Investigators said they found the four officers repeatedly deviated from proper procedures, manipulated extra duty assignments to their advantage and violated numerous Stamford Police Department rules and regulations.

Mayor David Martin said he directed Corporation Counsel to initiate legal action to recover the money that he said was inappropriately taken from the department due to the officers' actions.

Arrest warrants were prepared and presented to the State's Attorney, who determined there was enough evidence to enact the arrest warrants, according to police.

The city said they are currently conducting a detailed audit of extra duty jobs to prevent this type of incident from happening again.

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