45 Recovered COVID-19 Patients Returned to Prison Populations; 4 Staffers Return to Work


Forty-five inmates who were being housed at the Northern Correctional Institution have been medically cleared to leave isolation, the Department of Correction announced Tuesday.

Four staff members who were diagnosed with COVID-19 have also been cleared to return to work.

DOC officials said the 45 offenders were in the medical isolation unit during their recovery and that healthcare staff monitored the patients. DOC conducted contract tracing investigations for each confirmed case.

The isolation unit at Northern Correctional was set up to house COVID-19 patients away from the general population. The site has a separate ventilation system in each housing unit, similar to those found in medical environments. There are currently 108 COVID-19 positive offenders housed at the site.

According to DOC data, as of 2 p.m. Tuesday, 182 DOC inmates had tested positive for the coronavirus, and one inmate has died. A total of 118 staff members have tested positive for the virus. Click here for more information from the DOC.

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