4th of July Fireworks Return to Enfield

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It was a night two years in the making as the Enfield Fourth of July Town Celebration fireworks returned.

“It’s nice they are getting back to somewhat normal happenings in town,” said Rebecca Ambrosino of Enfield.

Many were disappointed after the celebration was cancelled last year because of the pandemic.

“We are so excited to be back,” said Izzy Post, Enfield Fourth of July Town Celebration director of marketing.

Post said normally this a big event, attracting around 60,000 people and filled with lots of activities.

This year, the event was scaled back to the fireworks and a parade following concerns about fundraising and potential COVID-19 rules.

“We were like 'what is the bare minimum that we can do to still give the community something to look forward for the Fourth of July?'” said Post.

But then another challenge came along: the weather.

Organizers met Saturday morning to study the forecast for later in the day.

“Made the call we felt that we were trusting in our forecasters that the weather was going to be primarily moving east and over Rhode Island,” said Scott Kaupin, Enfield Fourth of July Town Celebration chairman.

So fireworks were loaded though the racks and had to be moved since the original location was too wet. And with some light rain falling, people started gathering.

“I’m very surprised they’re going to do this even though it’s raining tonight. But it’s not pouring now. So I think it’s great they’re still going on with the show,” said Sarah Rothe of Enfield.

And soon after, the skies lit up with a dazzling display.

Through so many challenges, it was a sign of perseverance and things starting to return back to normal.

“It’s so important. People want to get out. They want to do something,” said Kaupin.

Around the state, more shows are planned for Sunday and throughout the month of July.

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