Careful! It’s Icy Out There

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The roads are slick on Monday morning, making the morning commute a challenge until the sun comes up and melts the ice.  

The state Department of Transportation has been putting down salt for almost a day, but there are still some icy patches, especially on secondary roads.

On Route 9 in New Britain, there was a crash. There was another on Route 291 in Windsor.

“Take it slow. (Interstate) 91 was icy in spots, a little slick, a little slow,” Joe Belmonte, of Cromwell said. Keep it slow. Take your time.”

Several schools are delaying opening because of the ice.

The icy roads are the residual effects of storms on Sunday that likely contributed to a 50-car crash around 12:30 p.m. that closed Route 110 between Wheeler Street and Leavenworth Road in Shelton for more than five hours.

Steve Arena of Shelton's wife was driving one of those vehicles. She was driving 20 mph when she lost control of her car on the ice and slammed into the car in front of her, he said. She was able to get out of her car and watched the next car slam into her. Arena arrived moments later.

"As I got around the turn to approach, I thought I was seeing things in a movie," Arena said. "Just cars every which way, mangled. I mean I've never seen anything quite like this."

Sixty-two people reported minor injuries and six of those people were taken to local hospitals with non-life threatening injuries, said police.

"Thing happen. We were prepared. The accident went very smoothly and we're thankful no one was seriously injured," said Assistant Chief Joseph Laucella from Echo Hose Ambulance.

A temporary shelter was setup at the Shelton EMS facility on Meadow Street for the people involved in the crash, said police.

AJ Automotive was filled with damaged vehicles for the accident.

"This has to be the most pile-up, most massive cars ever. A lot of cars," said AJ Monaco, who was working late into the night cleaning up the mess.

The road reopened just before 6 p.m.

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