55 Years for Holy Land Killer

The man who killed a 16-year-old girl in Waterbury's Holy Land was sentenced to 55 years in prison Friday.

Francisco Cruz, Jr., 20, admitted to raping Chloe Ottman and killing her July 15, 2010 as the two drank alcohol in the secluded attraction overlooking I-84 in Waterbury. The sentence was most Judge Richard Damiani could give Cruz under a plea agreement.

Damiani called the details of the case the "most horrific, sadistic statement of facts" he had seen in his entire 26 years as a judge.

Cruz told police he and Ottman were in Holy Land when he made a pass at her that she rejected. He choked her until she went unconscious, then raped her, and stabbed her in the neck, before dumping her body in the woods, according to court documents.

In court, Chloe's father, Derek Ottman, broke down as he showed a Father's Day Card his daughter gave him last year.

A family friend read a statement from Chole's mother, who was too distraught to speak. "I will focus on relieving this hatred from my heart," the statement said. "I can honor Chloe by living life."

Prosecutors said they agreed to a plea deal because the Ottman family wanted to put the long legal process behind them.

Judge Damiani made it clear the 55 years in prison was not a light sentence for Cruz. "You will be removed from society as you should. Every day you wake up -- the place you're in, is the place you'll die."

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