6 More Cases of COVID-19 at Electric Boat

There have been 25 cases at the company.

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NBC Bay Area

There are another six cases of COVID-19 at Electric Boat. There have now been 24 cases of novel coronavirus at Electric Boat.

Kevin Graney, the president of Electric Boat, said four of the new cases are in Groton and two are at Quonset Point.

The cases in Quonset Point include an employee who works in High Bay who was last in the plant on March 25 and an employee who works in 9A who was last in plant on April 1.

The four cases in Groton include an employee who works in building 38 whose last day on site was April 1, a tradesperson who works in building 18B/18C who was last on site on April 3, an employee who works in the Facilities area on the second floor of building 1 whose last day of work was April 3 and an employee who works in building 70 whose last day of work was March 27 according to a statement on Electric Boat’s website.

“We continue to follow our protocols for notifying employees who may have come in contact with these individuals and for cleaning areas these individuals worked in,” Graney said in a statement.

Graney said nine of the 24 cases identified at Electric Boat have been cleared to return to work.

“I am one of the employees cleared to return, in line with CDC guidance. Per that guidance, I am monitoring my health closely, and I am wearing a mask in the office. I am glad to be back to work and happy to report that, according to the Medical team, the other 17 employees who have tested positive are on the road to recovery and will be back with the rest of the team at EB when they are able,” Graney said in a statement.

Graney said the company has learned of the death of one employee but did not have information on the cause of death.

“We were informed of the death of an Electric Boat employee by the employee’s family. We are unable to provide any additional information about the cause of death, but can confirm that this employee was not among the positive COVID-19 cases we are tracking. We offer our sincerest condolences to the employee’s family and friends,” Graney said in a statement.

Electric Boat plans to begin distributing surgical masks to all employees at the end of the week and said they have begun producing cloth masks internally.

“Employees from our sail loft, respirator laundry, upholstery shop and our own laggers are working together to produce hundreds of masks for our employees,” Graney said in a statement.

Graney has asked employees to monitor their temperature and not report to work if they have a temperature of 100 degrees or higher.

Employees at work are asked to wear a face covering when in the office and to practice social distancing.

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