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7 Tips to Keep Pets Safe in a Storm

As we prepare for a March storm that is expected to bring up to two feet of snow, there are some special steps pet owners can take to keep animals safe. 

PETA, the Red Cross and the ASPCA makes the following recommendations: 

Keep animals indoors, especially puppies and kittens, elderly animals, small animals, and dogs with short hair, including pointers, beagles, pit bulls, Rottweilers, and Doberman pinschers. Move other animals or livestock to sheltered areas and make sure that their access to food and water is not blocked by snow drifts, ice or other obstacles. 

Wipe off your dogs' or cats' legs, feet and stomachs after they come in from the snow. Salt and other chemicals can make them sick if ingested. Increase the amount of your animal’s food during cold weather because they burn more calories in an effort to stay warm. 

Stock up on pet food and medicine your pets might need

Have a coat and booties ready for any dog who needs them. 

Make sure your pets wear identification at all times. 

Have leashes, carriers and water handy. Know where your pet’s favorite hiding places are so you can easily find them during emergencies.  

Keep your dog on a leash after heavy snowfall so he or she does not get lost.  

Check out snow prep emergency checklist for 15 things to do now. 

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