7-Year-Old Charged With Threatening Teacher: Cops

State Police responded to Sayles Elementary School in Baltic Monday.

A 7-year-old student at Sayles Elementary School in Norwich was arrested after police said the child threatened a teacher.

A resident state trooper responded to the school on Monday after receiving a report that the student made a verbal threat to harm the teacher.

"It was reported to the resident trooper and the resident trooper responded, investigated the situation, and felt that it warranted referral to the juvenile court system for this child," Lt. Paul Vance said. "It's important to note that anytime a threat takes place, regardless of the age of the person responsible, they are taken very seriously.

Edmund Senesac, the Superintendent of Schools, sent an email to parents Friday.

"We would like to assure you that no other students were involved in this incident, no weapons were involved, and student and staff safety was never an issue," Senesac said.

The superintendent said he did not notify parents about the situation earlier in the week because the situation did not affect the safety of students or staff. He sent the email Friday after details on the incident became public.

The child's parents were called to the school Monday and the child was turned over to them.

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