7-Year-Old Struck by Dirt Biker Returns Home

A 7-year-old-boy who was run over by a dirt biker in New Britain earlier this month has returned home after going through surgery.

His family says he could have a long road to recovery and police are cracking down on ATVs and dirt bikes on city streets.

The boy suffered severe head injuries when a dirt biker who was riding illegally with others through the Farmington Hills in New Britain struck him and dragged him 25 feet.

Neighbors witnessed the crash and the boy's mother, Tainari Lugo rushed outside to find her son bleeding on the ground.

"I freaked out when I saw him," she said. "I didn't know what to do."

The boy was taken to a nearby hospital for surgery.

New Britain police arrested Christopher Loosemore in connection with the crime and he has since bonded out of jail.

"He could have taken his life in that split second he was dragged 25 feet," Lugo said.

NBC Connecticut visited his home to get his side of the story, but no one answered the door.

Since the crash, authorities are warning ATV and dirt bike riders to stay off city streets.

Lugo is spreading that message too.

"I don't wish this on my worst enemy, I really don't," she said.

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