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74 People Become U.S. Citizens in Mystic

It has been a long journey for dozens of newly naturalized U.S. citizens. Seventy-four people from all over the world were sworn in at the Mystic Seaport Museum on Friday.

Among them was Gladys Sanchez, who was beside herself with excitement. She told NBC Connecticut she has been dreaming of this day for 25 years.

“I’m very happy, happy. I’m very happy,” she said.

One after another, each member of the group stood up with pride representing 38 countries. Following the moving ceremony, they embraced their families, smiled and snapped photos capturing the end of a journey.

“I feel blessed,” said Arta Begolli of Albania. “Amazing.”

Begolli, who has been in the United Stated for 14 years, was surrounded by her husband and four children.

“We’re here for the flag and Flag Day is today so it’s great.”

“I’m excited,” said Argent Jimmy Begolli, Arta’s husband. “She’s finally joining us now.”

Some said while they believed this day would come, it wasn’t without worry in a nation polarized over immigration.

“We had a little before when all that was happening with immigration and stuff, so we were thinking all the time that it might not happen, so it’s happening today and I’m really happy with it,” said Abdelleh Achibne of Morocco.

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