8-Year-Old Shows UConn QB He Can Do Tricks Too

Take that Johnny McEntee.

Just a week after the UConn backup quarterback gained national attention for his trick shot skills, an 8-year-old Enfield boy is showing off his own football prowess.

Daron Bryden, whose father calls him one of the top youth quarterbacks in the nation, put together his own set of trick shots and posted them on YouTube.

The tricks include making a half-court swish with a football, knocking a sneaker off a trash can from 15 yards away and a very accurate throw into a trash can from a distance of 30 yards.

He's getting attention from professional football players, including Ike Taylor. of the Steelers.

He tweeted: "good arm and accurate too."

Daron's blog includes quotes from NFL players and college coaches. "That kid will be something special," Kansas City Chiefs cornerback Travis Daniels wrote. "He already got the arm."

"Can't believe he's only 8," said former LSU quarterback Tom Rathmann. "He's a very hungry athlete that if he stays on this course, can be very special one day."

There's no word if college coaches are already keeping an eye on Daron.

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