9 of Diamonds Leads to Cold Case Arrest

Shawn Dudley Quan Morgan

Early on the morning of Sept. 24, 2006, Shawn Dudley, 19, was shot in the chest on the dance floor at the West Indian Social Club in Hartford and died. The case went cold, but a playing card has led police to a suspect.

In November, prison officials gave inmates playing cards in which each of the 52 cards featured a photo and details of a different cold case. The hope was that those cards would lead to an arrest.

Details of the fatal shooting during a party at 3340 Main St. were on the 9 of Diamonds.

A tip came after the playing cards were distributed and police have arrested Quan Morgan, 22, of Hartford. He has been charged with murder.

“The information received is what broke the case open for us leading to Morgan’s arrest,” HPD Major Crimes Supervising Sergeant Brandon O’Brien said.

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