Large Black Bear Makes Mischief in Wolcott

A large black bear affectionately known as "Captain Jack" has been getting into bird feeders and beehives in Wolcott, according to animal control.

"Captain Jack" has been spotted several times in the area of Spindle Hill Road in Wolcott.

Animal control posted pictures of Captain Jack on Facebook on Monday night, the result of cameras set up outside a beekeeper's hives.

Officials have been in touch with the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection and are reminding residents not to feed or approach the bear.

"They are awake and hungry after a long winter so please just respect the bear's space and remember we all need to co-exist," the Wolcott Dog Pound wrote on Facebook. "Admire from afar!"

Police said the bear is large and that an adult male bear in Connecticut typically weighs between 150 and 450 pounds.

More information on black bears is available on the DEEP website. Wolcott residents can report bear sightings to the Wolcott Dog Pound at 203-879-7620 or Wolcott Police Department at 203-879-1414.

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