911 Call Reporting Manchester High Drowning Released

Malvrick Donkor, 14, drowned in the pool at Manchester High School on Wednesday and police have released 911 calls made that morning. One of them is from a student who was at the pool when Donkor was found.

“We need help,” one call begins.

“I need to know your address or I cannot help you,” the dispatcher responded.

“I am at Manchester High School. We’ve had a student that’s drowned in the Manchester pool,” the student said.

The physical education teacher was performing CPR, the student said, and requested that the dispatcher send medical assistance.

“You’re in the pool?” the dispatcher asked.

“Yes, we are out of the pool right now. We have a student drowning. Our teacher is giving medical assistance. We need help right now,” the student said.

The dispatcher asked how long the student was in the pool, but the caller did not know.

“We have no idea. We need help right now,” the student said.

You can listen to the full call here.

The Journal Inquirer reports that lawyer Carlton Hume has been hired by Donkor's family, which is originally from Ghana. Hume said a lawsuit is probable.

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