92-Year-Old Uncasville Man Told He's Dead at Polling Place

A 92-year-old Uncasville man got a big surprise when he showed up at the polls Tuesday and told that he was dead. 

Max Kopko wasn’t listed on the voter rolls and he learned he was listed as "deceased."

But Kopko is very much alive. The World War II Navy veteran was born and raised in Uncasville and still lives on that property. He said he has 11 battle stars and served the Montville town council for 30 years.

On Election Day, he went to vote, like he has been doing every single election since he was 21 years old. 

"Checked out Gladys (his wife),  because ladies before gentlemen, so I went over there and they didn’t have me on the voters list," Kopko said.

He went upstairs and spoke with Christine Kutz, the registrar of voters for the Democratic Party.

"Max! You’re supposed to be dead," Kutz joked. 

"I was shocked! Shocked and alarmed. And Gladys was dumbfounded as well," he laughed.

Both he and Kutz think the mix-up was because of Kopko’s brother, Frederick, who passed away in August at age 84.

Kopko had his ID and his military ID on him, and within five minutes, he was able to cast his ballot.

He and his wife are still getting a good laugh.

"She calls me the living dead," Kopko chuckled.

"I was married to a dead man and didn’t know it," his wife Gladys retorted.

Both Kopkos said as long as they’re alive, they’re going to keep voting.

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