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Bald Eagles Become Main Attraction in Hamden



    The Nest has become a local attraction in Hamden. (Published Saturday, May 4, 2013)

    You may not notice it just passing by, but an eagles nest has people flocking to State Street in Hamden to catch a glimpse of the rare birds.
    “I come a lot, but we come at least a couple times a week to see and now we know that there are two babies they think and the mom and dad,” said Candi Looney.
    People say they've seen the birds flying around and lately have seen at least one eagle standing guard at the nest at all times, watching their young as people come to watch them.
    “I'm not really a bird person, but all of a sudden I've become one and I'm fascinated with it, because I've never seen them this close really.  It's cool,” said Looney.
    “I really love checking out birds, especially to see them nesting.  I've never seen bald eagles in the nest before.  I've only seen them a couple of times, so having them so close to home is really cool,” said Ben Michalak.

    The eagles have become somewhat of a local attraction with people stopping by the WB Mason building every day.  They bring their binoculars and their cameras for the best view.
    “Seeing something that's so iconic and so interesting and there are only a few left, it's a great opportunity for people to come and see these birds in the wild,” said Michalak.