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AAA Overwhelmed by Cold-Related Car Trouble



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    This week's cold weather has caused pipes to burst and car batteries to die, and AAA has responded to more than 1,419 calls today, most of which are weather related.

    According to a spokesperson for AAA, battery problems and flat tires have been among the most prevalent issues, and the organization has been overwhelmed by calls for help.

    AAA sent out a customer service notification on Wednesday asking callers to be patient.

    "Due to the record-breaking sub-zero temperatures in recent days, AAA continues to receive an unprecedented number of calls for roadside assistance," the email reads. "This is an unparalleled cal volume for the Roadside Rescue Team. We would ask for your patience as our drivers deal with the record-breaking demand for service."

    A spokesperson said AAA staff has been arriving early and staying late to help deal with the high volume of weather-related problems.

    AAA received 1,352 calls Tuesday, 1,743 calls Monday and 1,013 calls on Sunday.

    The organization suggests regularly checking tire pressure, using silicone or graphite spray to prevent frozen locks and warming up the key with your hands or a hairdryer if the lock is already frozen.

    Check for signs of low battery life by listening for unusual noises when you start your car, and call for battery testing if you believe your battery is failing.