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ACLU: School Should Allow Anti-Gay Shirt

A Wolcott High School student's shirt had a rainbow with a slash through it.



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    The American Civil Liberties Union says Wolcott High School violated the rights of a student when it asked him to remove a T-shirt with an anti-gay message.

    Seth Groody wore the shirt bearing a rainbow with a slash through it to Wolcott High School on April 20, a day designated to promote awareness of the bullying of gay students, according to the ACLU of Connecticut.

    The group said Seth took the shirt off under protest.

    In a letter to principal Joseph Monroe, the ACLU said the school violated the student's rights under the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution and asked for assurances from school officials that students will be allowed to wear clothing with similar messages.

    Monroe's office said Tuesday that he has no comment.

    The superintendent said that the student was not forced to remove the shirt and removed it voluntarily.

    The ACLU said it disagrees with the student's opinion, but that he has the right to express it.