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Loud ATM Thieves Busted by Landlord; Cops



    A Naugatuck landlord saw the letters A-T-M and knew something wasn’t right when she spotted her tenants moving what they told her was an air conditioner into their second floor apartment.

    “It was a big sign that said ATM on it,” Gertrude Dessureau, 72 said. “I said you're not bringing that in here.”

    Officers arrested David Michel, 39 Thomas Michel, 44 and Kim Merced, 31 charging them all with burglary after Dessureau spotted them allegedly trying to load the ATM into the apartment on High Street just before 2:30 a.m. She immediately called police.

    When they arrived, the suspects apparently took off. However, when investigators were interviewing Dessureau they heard the suspects reentering the second floor apartment.

    Naugatuck ATM Stolen

    [HAR] Naugatuck ATM Stolen
    An alert landlord helped police arrest three suspects accused of stealing an ATM in Naugatuck.
    (Published Saturday, April 30, 2011)

    It turns out the machine was stolen from the popular corner grocery store, Cindy’s Store. The owner, Carl Herb noticed something wasn’t right when he went to open up his shop Friday around 5 a.m.

    He saw the beer case was open; the cash register was in the middle of the counter and then standing behind the counter he looked straight out and noticed the store’s ATM was gone.

    “There's a big gap between the groceries and the bread rack and no more ATM machine.” Carl Herb said. “I go holy mackerel how did that happen?”

    Herb said it appeared the thieves pried open the front door and then unbolted the ATM off the floor and left with it.

    “I know the place was violated and that's what it is, violated,” Herb said.

    Herb said he and his wife were familiar with the suspects, which is why they say this crime is even harder to fathom.

    “I know she's helped these guys from time to time when they're short a little bit of money for things,” said Herb. “It's very hurtful.”

    All three suspects were being held on $100,000 bond each.

     Investigators aren’t revealing how much cash was taken from the ATM. Carl Herb says it usually holds about $1500.