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Accused Paving Scammer Facing Charges in Bristol



    Accused Paving Scammer Facing Charges in Bristol
    Ramon Rivera and Bristol Police Department
    Brian Curylo, 28, is accused of defrauding the elderly and operating his paving business without a license. He was arrested Monday while performing home improvement work in Bristol.

    Bristol police have arrested the owner of a private paving company accused of continuing to solicit business door-to-door after his license expired in March, according to police and the Department of Consumer Protections.

    Brian Curylo, 28, owner of Hot Top Paving, was arrested in Bristol on Monday while he was paving a driveway on Geary Avenue, according to police.

    His name has been on their radar for several weeks as part of a scam investigation, and police said he has a history of defrauding the elderly.

    The Department of Consumer Protections told police Curylo was not authorized to perform the home improvement work because his license had been revoked, police said.

    Bristol police said last month that Curylo has frequently been paid up front for jobs he has failed to complete. The Department of Consumer Protection said Curylo has reportedly scammed residents out of tens of thousands of dollars.

    Curylo is charged with offering home improvement without a license, no notice of cancellation, failure to provide notice of cancellation rights, failure to provide oral cancellation of rights and second-degree larceny.

    He was released after posting $5,000 bond and is due in court July 21.