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Allegations of Favoritism at Malloy's Stamford Home



    The mayor of Stamford has now launched an investigation to look into possible misconduct pertaining to landscape work at the governor's Stamford home. (Published Wednesday, Aug. 21, 2013)

    There are allegations of favoritism surrounding work done at Gov. Dannel Malloy's house in Stamford.

    Neighbors spotted a city worker doing landscaping on the property not once but twice. Now Mayor Michael Pavia has launched an investigation to see if there was any misconduct.
    “In the past, we have received complaints regarding possible misconduct involving city employees," Mayor Pavia said. "In each of these cases, a thorough and complete investigation has been ordered, and swift and appropriate action has been taken. This matter will be handled in the exact same manner."
    Peggy Cobb became suspicious after talking with the landscaper who was trimming hedges next door.
    "He said to me, no I'm not a contractor. I'm not a contractor," Cobb said.
    The landscape work was being done at Gov. Malloy's million dollar home in the posh Shippan section of Stamford which he rents out. The landscaper introduced himself to Cobb as Ron Markey. Markey is the deputy tree warden for the city.
    "He said I work full time for the city and I said, oh, you're not a contractor and you work full time for the city? It just didn't fit right for me," Cobb said.
    Not only that, she says a truck with city license plates was spotted outside when the work was going on.
    NBC Connecticut went to the city parks department on Wednesday to find Markey. His supervisor said he was not in the office.
    Markey told the Stamford Advocate, which first reported the story, that he had been hired as a subcontractor for a local landscaping company and wasn't doing any favors for the governor.
    The governor responded to the story on Wednesday.
    "Apparently the fellow who was doing the work had a friend of his pick up the ladder. He shouldn't have done it," Gov. Malloy said.
    He said he received the landscaping bill and he plans to pay it.
    "Of course there's a bill that will be paid and has to be paid," Malloy added.
    The Cobbs say they brought this to the public's attention because they want to make sure there was no wrongdoing.
    "Simply to find out what the truth is," Fred Cobb said. "As with any political person they should be transparent."
    Mayor Pavia said he is taking the allegations seriously.
    “Media reports regarding a city employee recently performing services at a private residence at 277 Ocean Drive East have prompted me to order a complete and thorough investigation for potential employee misconduct or ethical violations,” Mayor Pavia said.