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Amazon Drones in Connecticut?



    As Amazon looks to begin drone deliveries, state lawmakers are looking to tighten regulations on drones. (Published Monday, Dec. 2, 2013)

    Packages could soon be dropping from the sky right onto your doorstep. 

    Online retail giant Amazon wants to use drones to deliver products directly to you.

    Some Connecticut shoppers are rather skeptical.

    "I think it could be kind of scary," said Laurie Fass of Newington.

    The state could be a hot spot for these types of drones with the construction of an Amazon distribution center in Windsor. 

    The company's promise is to deliver packages in 30 minutes.

    "It's almost like the Jetsons, this futuristic world," said Rep. Matt Ritter.

    That future is already here. Drones are already being used or tested by local law enforcement, firefighters and realtors to take photos and videos from high above.

    "Our main concern is that you don't want people using drones to gather private information on private property to harass people," said Ritter.

    That's why state lawmakers are planning to introduce a bill to regulate drones in Connecticut. More than a dozen other state already have laws on the books. 

    "What if these things fall?" questioned Ritter. "There's a lot of things that can happen that you don't think about."

    The FAA would still need to ease restrictions on drones for flight and that may not happen for another two years.