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    Not even the NBC comedy "Parks and Recreation" could have scripted the latest twist to Baba Booey story in Greenwich.

    The ballyhoo over Baba Booey continues in Greenwich. 

    For those who haven't been following along, Mr. Booey, AKA Gary Dell'Abate, is Howard Stern's sidekick and producer. 

    He's also a Greenwich resident and has been tapped to serve on the town's parks and recreation board, which has caused no end of controversy. 

    After his nomination, by an 8-1 vote with two abstentions earlier this month, Coline Jenkins, a member of the Representative Town Meeting, voiced her opinion against the choice because of the Stern show's racy content and treatment of women.

    That prompted one Stern fan to take matters into his or her own hands, leaving a bag of feces in her mailbox along with a note supporting Stern, the Stamford Advocate reports.

    Since then, Stern has aired a parody of the Greenwich officials, the Advocate reports. And that hasn't created many smiles in town. 

    At their most recent meeting, there were calls for a revote. 

    "I am concerned that (Dell'Abate) will turn the town and the RTM into a circus and an ongoing circus," Lucy Krasnor, a member of the legislative body's Appointments Committee, told the Advocate.

    But it would seem that the circus has already come to town. 

    At that same meeting, the Advocate reports, Jenkins caused quite the stir when she pulled out the aforementioned bag of feces to demonstrate how she'd been wronged.  It didn't sit well with her fellow committee members. 

    "I was appalled that she would feel it necessary to place dog feces on the conference table in the middle of a meeting," Appointments Committee Chairman Christopher von Keyserling said. "I was shocked it is absolutely unacceptable. She endangered everyone in the room."

    So what happens now?  Dell'Abate goes up for confirmation to the parks board on March 14.