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Bell Factory Owner Vows to Rebuild

Matthew Bevin said it is the "American Way" and that he will make bells in East Hampton again



    Bell Factory Owner Vows to Rebuild

    The owner of Bevin Brothers Manufacturing vowed on Thursday to rebuild in East Hampton after fire destroyed the historic bell factory and town leaders will meet on Tuesday to discuss the future of the company. 

    Matthew Bevin stood outside the burned out shell of the factory on Bevin Road last week, flanked by Sen. Richard Blumenthal and other officials.

    "There are too many hopes and dreams and possibilities tied up in this mess behind us to let it die," Bevin said. "It's not gonna die."

    Fire broke out inside the bell factory Saturday night and quickly spread through the building. Fire officials believe it was sparked by lightning.

    The factory has been making bells in East Hampton since the 1830s, and Blumenthal said he was committed to helping Bevin rebuild.

    "We don't want these bells to be made in China," Blumenthal said. "You can be sure we are going to fight for you. It's going to be a team effort and we're all going to rally behind you.

    Bevin acknowledged the task of rebuilding won't be easy, but said he will figure it out.

    "The American way is that you get back up again, and Bevins have been making bells on the land you are standing on for 180 years and I'm a Bevin. I'm standing here, and I'm going to make bells here."

    Police are also investigating the theft of hundreds of pounds of brass bells from the factory.  Investigators are trying to determine if the bells were stolen from the ruins of the burned out building.