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Sox Prospect's Story is Bigger Than Baseball



    A Colon Cancer Patient Gets the Right Care at the Right Time
    Toronto Blue Jays outfielder Reed Johnson checks out new gloves at Jays Spring Training in Dunedin, Fla. on Monday Feb.21, 2005. (AP Photo/Frank Gunn)

    Chances are high that you have never heard of Boston Red Sox outfield prospect Ryan Westmoreland.

    Unless you are a diehard fan, you probably have no idea that he is ranked as the top minor leaguer in their system. He’s a 19-year-old kid from Rhode Island who turned down a scholarship offer from Vanderbilt when the Sox drafted him in 2008.

    This year, he was slated to start the season in Portland, Maine with the AA affiliate Seadogs. The future for this kid had no limit.
    That all changed on Tuesday when he underwent a successful brain surgery on Tuesday in Arizona to remove what doctors are calling a “cavernous malformation,” as reported in the Boston Globe
    "Following the five-hour procedure, Westmoreland remains in the intensive-care unit but has come through the surgery well. Due to the complexity of this surgery, Ryan will face a difficult period initially before beginning his recovery," according to a news release from the Red Sox.
    Just when you think that you have the world in the palm of your hand, something like this gets thrown at you.  I can’t imagine being in this kids' shoes. One day you are the next big thing and the next day you’re fighting for your life.
    I’ll tell ya, he’s lucky to be with this organization. They handled Jon Lester’s cancer as well as anyone could ask and they are doing the same for Westmoreland and his family.
    Now, it doesn’t matter whom you root for: Yankees, Mets, Red Sox or Cubs.  All that silly back and forth ceases.  We all should be Ryan Westmoreland fans and root for this kid to pull through. 
    It is so much more than baseball.