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There is a New Generation of Black Hawks



    There is a New Generation of Black Hawks
    Several Blackhawk helicopters are heading to Taiwan.

    As Sikorsky Innovations in Stratford, manufactures the next generation of helicopters, pilots will soon adjusting to a new method of air-navigation that will keep them "grounded" in both mind and body.

      Sikorsky Aircraft Corp builds Black Hawk helicopters and the transformation from mechanical helicopters into computerized aircrafts will soon begin. In other words, aerial warpaths will soon be joined by a pilot-less Black Hawk helicopter thanks to a $1 billion embarkment made by newly developed Sikorsky Innovations - created to speed the process of building the hands-free Black Hawks.  Sikorsky Innovations will also be promoting projects that are designing faster flying helicopters that can simulate vision and monitor their own performance, according to The Associated Press
    Sen. Joe Lieberman has announced his support of the Obama administration's decision to sell 60 UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters and other articles to Taiwan, according to the Senator's web site. "Connecticut workers have always played a proud role in the arsenal of democracy, and this is the type of work for our allies and friends that helps to defend freedom worldwide," he said.
    Pilot-less planes are not novel to warfare, but the push to develop them now is to reduce casualties while maintaining unyielding defenses. 

    The new and improved unmanned Black Hawks will be designed by Sikorsky to be adaptable to whatever mission a crew might encounter.
    By applying technologies to the 20,000-pound Black Hawk that are already installed in small military airplanes and rotorcraft, Sikorsky is diving into a lucrative and expanding market.

    Unmanned aerial vehicles was one of the few markets in the aeropspace industry negatively impacted in the recession.  Amidst the expected success of this market, Sikorsky Innovations openly admits the enumerable challenges it will face in developing a reliable and efficient war vehicle.