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Police Have Found Body of Missing Tuber



    After nearly a week of desperate searching, police believe they've recovered the body of Nasir Alam, who fell from his tube during a storm. (Published Tuesday, June 25, 2013)

    Farmington Police have found the body of a man who disappeared in the Farmington River last Tuesday.

    Nasir Alam's body was pulled from the water near Tunxis Mead Park on Monday night, police said.

    Investigators said some teens were at the boat docks around 5:30 p.m. when they saw the body floating in the water, about four miles away from where Alam went tubing with friends last week.

    “The story got a lot of attention. People have been diligent about looking,” said Lt. Colin Ryan of the Farmington police.

    Alam, 24, of East Hartford was tubing with a group last Tuesday when a storm hit and they fell into the water. His six friends were rescued, but Alam had been missing ever since. He was not wearing a life vest and cannot swim.

    “My son could never swim. ... He's scared of the water, he doesn't like the water," his father, Shah Alam, said.

    NBC Connecticut spoke with his parents the day after he disappeared and they were hopeful Nasir somehow escaped the river.

    “I'm hoping he's just hurt on the side of the river bank waiting for somebody to find him. I’m not going to accept the fact he's dead until I’ve actually seen a body,” his mother Linda Alam said.

    Investigators in Farmington said they called Alam’s loved ones on Monday night, and told them the body was likely his. On Tuesday, police confirmed that the body was that of Nasir Alam.

    “Hopefully we're able to get (the) family some closure,” Lt. Ryan said.

    The medical examiner was also looking at another body that was found in the Farmington River over the weekend. It could be Rachel Greene, who disappeared in New Hartford earlier this month.