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Bone-Chilling Dive for SCUBA Team

The team specializes in crime evidence recovery.



    Despite the cold temperatures, The Bridgeport Police Scuba team went forward with their monthly dive practice. (Published Wednesday, Jan. 23, 2013)

    Despite the bone-chilling temperatures and single-digit wind chills, the Bridgeport Police SCUBA team went on as usual with their scheduled dive practice at the city's Ferry Dock on Wednesday.

    "Today the big issue is going to be keeping are hands warm. Our hands and our head will get cold today," Bridgeport Police Lt., Brian Fitzgerald said.

    The team specialized in crime evidence recovery and practices its water search every month.

    "About four months ago, we recovered a weapon," Lt. Fitzgerald said. "We set up a search line system, one line that goes straight out with a weight on either end and a line to the search with a buoy on, so the divers can go up and down. And we use that line to search for evidence like a weapon used in a crime."

    To help stay warm, the team uses a dry suit.

    "It differs from a wet suit because it keeps your body dry except for your head and your hands, so you can wear as much installation as you want underneath that," Lt. Fitzpatrick said.