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Bristol Wants to Kick Statue of Liberty Off the Corner



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    It's not you, Statue of Liberty, it's that the Bristol thinks she's an attention-getting device for promotion.

    Bristol does not have anything against Lady Liberty. She's a symbol of this country's freedom, after all. But the town does have something against her standing on the corner and waving at drivers. 

    The wavers who advertise Liberty Tax Service violate the zoning code, which prohibits attention-getting devices for promotion, Bristol officials said, so they are no longer welcome.

    Liberty Tax says its wavers are not devices. They are people with jobs.

    More than 25 people who work at the Bristol site are now in jeopardy of losing their jobs if the wavers aren’t allowed to do  their thing.

    “If I lose this job, I’m not going to have money to pay my bills. I keep looking for work, but it's really hard to find right now,” Raymond Cairl, of Bristol, said.

    Liberty Tax has a meeting with the zoning commission later today to discuss the issue.