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Bridgeport Man Accused in Contract Shooting

A Bridgeport man is under arrest accused of shooting a Massachusetts woman in her driveway.



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    Dorian J. Membreno, 25, of Bridgeport, was arraigned in Massachusetts on charges he shot Marybeth Banks, 31, several times as she sat in a car outside her Pembroke, Mass., home Tuesday night.

    A Bridgeport man is behind bars, accused in an attempted murder-for-hire plot of a dance instructor in Massachusetts.

    Dorian Membreno, 25, of Bridgeport is accused of shooting and critically injuring Marybeth Banks, 31, of Pembroke on Tuesday night when she was returning to her home, the Boston Herald reports.

    Police say she was shot several times while sitting in her car.

    An alert neighbor called Pembroke police after seeing someone in a suspicious red car.

    “About a month ago, the car was driving up and down the street and it would stop every once in a while. And then one time, they parked it at the top of the street again and they were walking up and down the street,” Joe Ellen Stowers told WHDH.

    Police say Banks’ ex-boyfriend hired Membreno to carry out a hit.

    Membreno claims he drove from Bridgeport to kill Banks after the woman's ex-boyfriend gave him a gun.

    “This was not random. This woman was targeted by this individual,” Timothy Cruz, Plymouth County District Attorney told the Herald. “It was very cold-blooded.”

    Pembroke Police have not disclosed a motive for the alleged plot.

    Patriot Ledger of Quincyreports that Banks used to live in Connecticut and she and her ex dated when Banks moved back to Massachusetts two or three years ago

    She had been nervous about an upcoming court case involving a restraining order she had taken out against her ex-boyfriend and friends said she was so afraid of her ex-boyfriend that she would ask colleagues to accompany her to the bank or on errands if it was after dark.

    The ex-boyfriend is in custody and was there for a day or two before the attempted hit, Cruz said.

    The Boston Herald reports that he is in custody on unrelated charges in Connecticut, but NBC Connecticut has been unable to confirm which department is holding him.

    Membreno, who was born in Nicaragua is being held without bail and pleaded not guilty to attempted murder and assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.

    A dangerousness hearing has been scheduled for next Tuesday.