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Store Cashes Her Check With Phony Cash



    Store Cashes Her Check With Phony Cash
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    Police say a Trenton, N.J., teen sold her 7-year-old sister to as many as seven men and boys at a party.

    Lauren Wache was putting Wal-Mart's new check-cashing service to use.  The only problem is, she says, the 800 bucks she got back weren't real.

    On April 7, Wache received eight $100 bills at the Southington Wal-Mart that she thought looked strange, the New Britain Herald reports

    When she asked about them, the cashier assured her they were legitimate, she said.  A week later, she went to deposit that money in a Plantsville bank, and that's when she found out she was holding counterfeit bills, the paper reports.

    Wache took the $800 to police. They, along with the U.S. Secret Service, are investigating the source of the fake bills. 

    According to the Better Business Bureau, if counterfeit cash somehow ends up in your hands, you're stuck with it.  There's no turning it in for a refund or real bills.

    A Wal-Mart spokesman told the newspaper they are cooperating with police and federal agencies.