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Someone Keeps Taking Chuck Norris' Campaign Signs



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    Chuck Norris fact: Chuck Norris doesn't get hurt feelings.

    Unless he's a different Chuck Norris.

    This Chuck Norris is a 45-year-old lawyer who is running for Probate Judge in Norwich (against Kathy Guinan) and, he told the Day of New London, his feelings were indeed hurt because someone keeps taking his campaign signs.

    "At first it started to hurt my feelings, but now I'm getting over it," Norris told the Day.

    Blame the other Chuck Norris' cult following --, the classic, although often inappropriate Conan O’Brien skits, and Walker, Texas Ranger for the signs disappearing.

    "I was a freshman in high school when I first heard his name," Norris told the Day. "My father's got the same name."

    His campaign is generating interest online.

    New York blogger, Aaron Short, wrote about a blog post about the missing signs and asked for a campaign poster.

    “I am also slightly afraid of you for the fact that you have your own fight move, the "roundhouse kick," registered with the U.S. Patent Office and that you once wrestled and killed a bear with your bare hands to save Cybill Shepherd,” Short wrote.