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Clinton Residents Oppose Propane Facility



    Clinton Residents Oppose Propane Facility
    Clinton residents are opposing a proposed propane facility.

    Neighbors in Clinton packed town hall to show their opposition Monday to a propane storage facility. The plan is to put the facility on Knollwood Drive.

    Residents are worried about their property values and congestion from trucks leaving this facility. But mainly they're worried about their safety.

    "And if that thing ever blows I'm dead," said Merle Wade who has lived in Clinton for nearly 50 years. "I'm right across from the train tracks. No more than 1000 feet."

    Proximity to a potential propane unloading facility was just one of a long list of complaints offered Monday night.

    "You'll never be able to sell your house. Who's going to buy it if this thing goes through?" Wade added.

    "Whether you live in Clinton or Madison, whether you visit Hammonasset State Park and you're from the state of CT this is potential for disaster," said Marian Kirby, a member of the Windemere West Owner's Association.

    The potential for disaster is something developer Global Companies tried to ease during Monday's Planning and Zoning Commission meeting in Clinton

    Global Companies wants to bring propane in by rail spur to the former Stanley Bostitch plant, store it in 12 45,000-gallon tanks and then distribute it by truck. An estimate of fewer than two trucks an hour would leave the site. A site Global Companies says "is in harmony with the surrounding property, is sufficiently protective of the public and is appropriate for location on this property."

    Yet people don't want to see propane anywhere near their properties.

    "I am in favor of alternate fuel sources. I'm not in favor of having it this close to residents," said Katie McCollom of Clinton.

    Even though Global Companies says this would generate more than $100,000 in taxes for the town, Merle Wade says "I don't want it and it's got to be stopped."

    The town says the fire marshal has signed off on this project. There will be another meeting in the coming weeks to discuss more of these concerns.