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Clinton Woman Charged After Dogs Found "Living in Squalor"



    A 25-year-old Clinton woman is facing animal cruelty charges after two adult Doberman Pinschers and three young puppies were found “living in squalor” at a home on River Road and were deprived of food and water for more than 24 hours, police said.

    Emilie Blaine was arrested Monday. Police said she was supposed to be caring for the dogs, which belong to her boyfriend. He's under a court order to stay off the property.

    Investigators arrived at the house to find two adult dogs crammed into a small cage, unable to lie down, outside on a porch that was covered with dog feces and urine, according to police.

    Police said the dogs had rocked the cage back and forth and moved it across the porch in an effort to get out. The female was missing an ear flap.

    Inside the residence, investigators found three puppies, between six and seven weeks old. Police said the puppies were thin and had chunks of hair missing.

    More urine and feces covered the floors and walls inside the home, which police said was full of garbage.

    According to police, the dogs had gone at least a full day without food or water. They're now at the Clinton dog pound being nursed back to health, and police hope to find them loving homes.

    Blaine was arrested Monday following a joint investigation by Clinton police and animal control and the State Animal Control Department. She was charged with five counts of animal cruelty and two counts of possessing an unlicensed dog.

    She posted $15,000 bond and was arraigned May 6. Blaine was appointed a public defender and is due back in court May 22.

    She's facing additional, unrelated charges for arrests in Dec. 2013 and Feb. 2014. Court records show Blaine has been charged with larceny, narcotics violations, interfering with an officer and engaging in police pursuit.

    Blaine and her boyfriend were also arrested in 2012 for allegedly assaulting the boyfriend's terminally ill mother and stealing her credit card.