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Community Remembers New Haven Man Killed in Providence



    Community Remembers New Haven Man Killed in Providence

    Friends and family came together to remember a New Haven man days after he was killed in Rhode Island.

    "We've had Satchel's friends flying in from all over the country, and it's really sweet. It's a testament to how beautiful and sweet and peaceful and amazing my brother was," said Teresa Ramos.

    They joined at Crown East Billards Friday night to remember and pay tribute to Satchel Ramos the night before his funeral.

    "Satchel and I are very close in age and most of the memories I have in my life are with Satchel, and I don't have any memories before him," said Teresa.

    Teresa says having the support of her brother's friends means a lot during this difficult time.

    "Satch was so smart and such a beautiful, gentle soul that it's heartbreaking to think of his last moments in life," said Teresa.

    It was in Providence, RI where police say the 22-year-old was stabbed to death while trying to break up a fight. His older brother Clyde was also injured. The news shocked many in his hometown.

    Satchel's dad, Rafael Ramos, spent years working with New Haven's Livable City Initiative, and at Friday night's gathering he sat down to play the congas, something his son loved to do.

    "We're trying to have a celebration of life. We don't want to make this a sad moment as depressing as it is for all of us," said Teresa. "We're trying to make it a happy moment."

    After the terrible news many of Satchel's friends got tattoos in his memory, and his sister says she'll honor Satchel by traveling because that's what he wanted to do.

    "I'm going to do everything I can to make sure that I see everything so that he sees everything because I know he's with us," said Teresa.

    Police have charged Eric Souza of Massachusetts with the murder and expect more arrests will be made.